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Best Rainy Day Activities

Texas isn’t known for rain so it seems silly to come up with a rainy day list of activities to with your children, and yet this year the state was awash with soaker storms over Memorial Day weekend and during the fall hurricane season. So rain isn’t Texas’ challenge, although it’s not a state with […]

5 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

5 DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

Sometimes it’s hard to convince your children to make their own Halloween costumes. Everyone wants to be Elsa, the ice queen from Disney’s hit movie Frozen. The boys admire Captain America or Batman and insist on a store-bought outfit. Don’t give in. The fun of Halloween is being creative and using your imagination in designing […]

7 Great-Family-Summer-Activities

7 Great Family Summer Activities

When the heat reaches into the 100s, many folks huddle indoors and wonder if they’ll ever get a chance to enjoy the open air again. Recently Texas has ramped up summer events that encourage residents to brave the elements. Don’t become a hostage to the Texas heat. Slather on the sunscreen, stock up on water […]