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4 Keyless Locking Systems For Your Home

security alarm app on a digital generated smartphone with a flat mock-up. All screen graphics are made up.

Keeping your home safe is a top priority, although many people – especially children- can forget or lose keys and get stuck outside after school. Or maybe you have regular trades people or cleaning professionals come to your residence when you aren’t home.

Maybe you have a slew of copied keys you give out and then collect from visitors. Or maybe you have a key hidden in a fake rock in the garden or in the garage. There is now a high-tech solution to that rustic hollow rock.

Lock manufacturers have teamed up with software companies to create wireless keypad alternatives to a keyed lock. The lock and software combination create a seamless electronic security system where only a number code is needed to get into the home. If the lock also has a wireless component it allows the homeowner to monitor via a Smartphone who gets into the home at which times.

Here are the highlights of these sophisticated security systems:

  • Physical keys are no longer required and have a number keypad to enter a code. Some locks do have a backup key slot.
  • Wireless systems allow the user with a Smartphone to program a time when the lock will be unlocked for a visitor like a cleaning professional. Or the lock senses the closeness of the Smartphone and unlocks the door.
  • Create passwords for family or friends and revoke them when needed.
  • Send you alerts when someone enters or exits your home.
  • Remote lock or unlock – if you think you forgot to lock up your house, no worries. Remotely lock your door as a safeguard.
  • Easy installation with just a screwdriver.

There are several companies that provide these systems and they are priced very similarly and sold at Best Buy or Brookstone

  • Yale2you combines Linus locks with Nest, a well-known developer of remote access programming of appliances. The touch screen with Z-Wave costs $249 and the push button deadbolt is $149.
  • Kwikset has a software programming system that also works with other appliances through its Smartphone App. The locks cost between $98 for a number keypad and $199 for one with a Bluetooth connection.
  • August has a wide selection of locks that work with a Smartphone App. August Bluetooth locks cost about $199 and $229.
  • Smartlock wireless, Bluetooth locks are sold at Home Depot and Brookstone. They cost about $199.