Author: Monica Wolfson

Tips to Avoid Zika Infected Mosquitoes

Tips to Avoid Zika Infected Mosquitoes

As winter recedes in Dallas, and temperatures become more spring-like, bugs and insects are waking from their winter slumbers. Dallas has seen its biblical throngs of cyclical insect invasions. It’s not known what this year will bring, yet mosquitoes pose a particular concern. Ever since the Zika virus was discovered in South America last year, […]

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4 Keyless Locking Systems For Your Home

Keeping your home safe is a top priority, although many people – especially children- can forget or lose keys and get stuck outside after school. Or maybe you have regular trades people or cleaning professionals come to your residence when you aren’t home. Maybe you have a slew of copied keys you give out and […]

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5 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands

So you’ve spent the past year trying to be more environmentally conscious. You are buying eco-friendly cleaning products, trashed the old light bulbs and replaced them with energy saving ones. What’s next? While fashion is your hobby, you can’t find any clothing that is eco-friendly and fashionable. You aren’t a T-shirt or leggings kind of […]