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Black Friday Deals at 5 Green Retailers

A time-honored tradition in the U.S. after Thanksgiving is a shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. Not everyone is consumed by the lust for consumerism, especially if they are concerned about the planet, but at least half of the population goes out to shop on this day.

They’ll go to Big Box stores or malls hunting for door buster specials. While some residents are disdainful towards excessive consumerism, no one wants to miss out on a deal. There are always items we need or gifts we have to buy as Christmas approaches

If you value the planet and are chagrined to participate in elbow-thrusting crowds, don’t worry. Some earth-friendly – mostly online – retailers are cooking up some deals.

Here is a list of  5 retailers who carry green items and are discounting products.


A Mighty Nest focuses on eco-friendly household products like mattress, food containers, glassware and cleaning items. Find yoga items next to a picnic set. For your Black Friday discount use coupon code: GET10OFF.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty products are made from organic materials and start with a juice base. Some of the primary ingredients include Grapeseed, Aloe, Shea and Jojoba. Some of Juice Beauty’s best selling products are Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturize, Green Apple Peel Full Strength and Green Apple Age Defy Serum. The Black Friday deal offers a full size Exfoliating Cleanser with all purchases and free shipping with the promo code BFEC.


Ecomom is a delightful website that sells maternal and children’s products including sunscreen, toys, shampoo and cooking utensils. The products on the website are guaranteed to be organic or made of reusable, recycled and biodegradable packaging.


At ,all the clothing is made from recycled plastic. They sell underwear, bikini bathing suits, pillowcases, blankets, tote bags and umbrellas. Save 50 percent on yoga underwear and umbrellas.


The clothing at BeGood is made from cotton or hemp. The company has a goal to become the first zero waste retailer. This clothing retailer, which has a flag ship shop in San Francisco, is only selling its manufactured defective clothes on Black Friday at slashed prices. As the retailer explains, defective clothes, say a shirt with a loose thread or a tag sewn upside down, are waste items and often sent to a landfill. BeGood figures you’ll still want these items, especially if they are significantly discounted.

If you have eschewed Black Friday and value quality or quantity then you’ll appreciate Patagonia’s pitch to shoppers with its anti-Black Friday slogan: Repair clothes instead of buying new. Two years ago it sponsored a movie premiere in its stores on that competitive shopping day that showed the value in treasuring and repairing clothes. That documentary is below.

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